I’m a passionate dance and drumming instructor.


I’m able to perform and teach a great number of traditional dances and drumming from different regions and ethnic groups of Ghana and from several other African countries like Benin, Uganda, Zaire, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Togo, Nigeria and so on.


I have a repertory of several Contemporary African Dance Pieces and some experiences in Germaine Acogny’s Modern African Dance which combines movements from Traditional West African Dance with modern dance styles.


I’m able to choreograph pieces combining different cultural influences and dance styles, to remake traditional dances and to also arrange the music for a dance piece.


I have experiences in leading and organising ensembles and arranging performances and workshops.


I have great skills in working out individual training programs for meeting the peculiar needs, background and characteristics of my students.

“It takes different ways of teaching to meet each of your student’s needs and to give them a real feeling for the technical aspects of the dance like body movement, facial expression and counting on the one side and for the inner expression and the meaning of the dance on the other.”


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